Planner's Report No. DF02-05
Prepared for Dobbs Ferry Planning Board Meeting: 5/02/02
Prepared by: Kathleen E. Walsh, AICP
April 23, 2002

... 2. Ashford Realty LLC

Ashford and Virginia Avenues Public hearing for Preliminary Resubdivision; continuation of presubmission conference for Site Plan review

Ashford Realty LLC has submitted a formal application for resubdivision of the property formerly known as Scappy's, and requested a waiver of site plan approval for the existing parking lot.

I am currently working on a draft resolution granting preliminary subdivision approval subject to conditions. Among the conditions are approval by the Village Attorney of the terms and conditions of the dedication of residual parcel #8 to the Village, and provision that this parcel is not a building lot.

The subdivision application does not appear to be subject to referral to the County Planning Board since, although Ashford Avenue is a County road, the resubdivision does not include propose [sic] any new street connecting to Ashford Avenue. If no new issues concerning the existing parking lot emerge at the public hearing, you may want to waive further site plan review of lot 7. If you decide not to waive site plan approval, the site plan application will be referred to the County.

As discussed at your last meeting, in the event that commercial development is proposed in the future, site plan review of lot 6 will be required.