6/19/2002, The Rivertowns Enterprise


By Lori Eiler Hunter, Ardsley
Reprinted here with permission of the author

To the Editor: I am writing to voice my concern over two proposed developments coming to Greenburgh and to ask the people of Ardsley (and Dobbs, Hastings and Irvington) to join in the battle to stop them.

The Rivertowns, as we all know, are a pretty special place. One of the key features is the lack of suburban sprawl, but that appears to be coming to a close. The Toll Brothers are proposing 55 McMansions on the southest corner of Sprain Road and Ashford Avenue (with cars entering and exiting onto Ashford Avenue). Ginsburg Associates is planning a 157-unit apartment complex on the west side of 9A, south of Ashford Avenue (traffic obviously entering onto 9!). Ardsley is being choked by rampant development. Ardsley will get the schoolchildren, the drain on services, and no tax dollars. Hastings, Dobbs and Irvington will suffer from not being able to get across Ashford and Jackson Avenues. Ashford Avenue will essentially be developed clear through to the Post Road. I understand that development has, does, and will continue to take place.

It is time to join forces and stop, or at the very least, scale back what goes on in our little corner of Eden. Obviously, anyone (with the exception of the developers) would prefer to see these parcels left in their natural state. The developers are making the money. Your taxes will not go down because of these developments. Your drive time will go up because of these developments. Please call and write the Greengurgh and Hastings Planning Boards to voice your concerns. Attend the upcoming Planning Board meetings on June 19 (Greenburgh) and June 20 (Hastings) and let your feelings be known.