Letter #2 -
Presented to the Board of Trustees (June 25, 2002)
and to the Planning Board (June 27th, 2002)

The following letter was submitted and read at the June 25th meeting of the Board of Trustees:

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Suffern, New York 10901
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June 24, 2002

Assistant to the Supervisor

Hon. Francis Farrington
Hon. Allegra Dengler
Dobbs Ferry Village Hall
112 Main Street
Dobbs Ferry, New York 10522

Dear Trustees Farrington and Dengler:

I appreciated the opportunity to speak to you both last week.

The Tisi Family has resided on Virginia Avenue for almost half a century. Over the years, we have seen the roadway evolve from a rural thoroughfare to in recent times, a virtual City street. The combination of increased vehicular traffic, undeterred excessive speeding, and cars frequently parked on both sides of the narrow street has created a hazardous situation particularly for children. A situation which will certainly not be abated by the installation of a few speed bumps, and five multi-family dwelling units. The proposed development of the former Scappy Properties, underscores the necessity of the Village initiating a Formal Traffic Safety Study of Virginia Avenue. This past Saturday afternoon, I observed a number of young mothers walking their children to and from Gould Park as my parents have done for years. The difference being the seemingly on-going stream of speeding automobiles, which they and their children had to sidestep.

The proposed Village access road which will facilitate ingress into the Firehouse property, should also be a part of the study. Firehouse access via an 18 foot driveway, in the middle of the neighborhood, with parked cars impeding sight lines may compromise safety. Additionally, dangerous traffic conditions on Virginia Avenue, should prompt a formal site review of the entire Ashford Realty Project. Frankly speaking, if this project is "fast tracked", the safety of young children will be jeopardized now and for years to come. Sans a site plan review, it will be impossible to ascertain if the proposed project will have a detrimental impact on Virginia Avenue until after the fact ...

I find it both ironic and disconcerting that the Village planners assessment of this project seems to be a verbatim reiteration of the benefits of the subdivision submitted by the applicant. Neither evaluations conclude that Virginia Avenue will be a safer neighborhood to traverse for one obvious reason IT WILL NOT BE!!!

Village officials have the fiduciary responsibility to protect the health and safety of the residents of Virginia Avenue. Likewise, zoning ordinances which were appropriate for the Dobbs Ferry of the 1960s must be updated to reflect current conditions.

Respectfully yours,

Philip T. Tisi
Assistant to the Supervisor

cc: Mayor Brian Monahan
     Edward Plotkin, Planning Board Chairman

Another letter [1] regarding the Virginia Avenue development project, written by another resident, was presented to the Board of Trustees at its June 25th meeting. It asked the Board of Trustees to establish a moratorium on building in the Virginia/Lefurgy area and to write a letter Planning Board encouraging them to conduct a full Site Plan Review [2] of the development project on Virginia Avenue. The letter was coordinated with a petition [3] signed by 65 residents, to be presented to the Planning Board on the 27th. It asked the Planning Board to make subdivision approval contingent on a full Site Plan Review, as did a memo from Trustee Dengler, Board of Trustee liaison to the Planning Board [4].