I will work hard to control spending, update our codes and preserve open space for the people of Dobbs Ferry.
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This year’s presidential election may be the most important in our lifetimes. Vote March 16 Support your local Democratic candidates. Allegra Dengler, Vikki Jones and Paul Sterne.

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I will continue to identify creative solutions for Dobbs Ferry’s problems and make the village government more workable for commuters.
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My 20 years of experience negotiating complex financial transactions will help Dobbs Ferry acheive the best possible outcomes for the Public Works garage, 145 Palisade St., and the Gateway.
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As Tip O’Neill said, “all politics is local.” Now more than ever it’s important to build up the Democratic Party at the grassroots level.

Many of the government decisions that affect your life the most are decided at the local level. The Democratic candidates in Dobbs Ferry need your support on March 16 to win!

To learn more, come to the League of Women Voters Candidates Debate this Thursday, March 4 at 7:30 at the Embassy Community Center on Palisade St. The debate will be on Dobbs Ferry Village TV Channel 77, a few days later.

Also on the ballot is a referendum on changing the date of the Village election from March to November. Vote YES to change the date to November. Vote YES to vote once. For more details on this crucial issue, watch the broadcast of the Febuary 25th League of Women Voters Referendum Debate on Dobbs Ferry Village TV Channel 77.  

15.8 % tax increase last year
Solution: Allegra, Vikki and Paul will thoroughly review every line item on the budget for savings, reach out for grants, work for money-saving energy conservation measures and find ways to save.
We’ll work harder to save your tax dollars. VOTE for a new hard- working approach to financial management.
Proposed $8 million dollar Public Works garage
Solution: It can be built for millions less. Allegra, Vikki and Paul will act quickly to look at the needs, the site, alternatives, other garages, grant opportunities, and get a new plan.

Allegra, Vikki and Paul are committed to enhancing our quality of life
by controlling spending, controlling overdevelopment and preserving open space.

If elected, they are committed to:

Fiscally Responsible Government that balances the budget, engages in a direct dialogue with the Village Department heads, initiates grant outreach, and money-saving energy conservation measures. While there are outside costs like pensions being imposed on the Village, there are also many unnecessary costs being imposed on the hard- working people who live in Dobbs Ferry.

A Five Year Capital Plan to project and assess the Village’s upcoming infrastructure and spending needs, as surrounding villages have done, so there are no surprises. Planning can be done over time for important projects like flooding and drainage problems, the train station roof, street and sidewalk maintenance, and waterfront erosion.

A Master Plan that includes zoning code updates, density and traffic control, and prioritizing open space to protect the character of our neighborhoods and village.

Building the Public Works Garage for millions less than the current projected $8 million cost. Allegra, Vikki and Paul will immediately look at the needs, at the site, at alternatives. They will investigate sharing services with other villages and explore grant opportunities.

A sensible approach to 145 Palisade St. to secure open space and minimize overdevelopment. Allegra, Vikki and Paul will evaluate all possible Village uses of the old garage and sell it only if it is in the best interests of the taxpayers. They will not swap the existing DPW site for the redelopment of 145 Palisade site if that allows increased density. They will work to preserve the waterfront land as a condition of any development.

As Trustees and as citizens, Allegra, Vikki and Paul’s initiatives resulted in:

the passing of the Open Space Bond Referendum

establishment of an Open Space Committee which has identified key land parcels in Dobbs Ferry

the Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan (LWRP) for planning, protection and grants for our waterfront.

the Land Use Committee to update obsolete codes that result in overdevelopment and increases in traffic.

putting meeting minutes and Village code online

securing matching grants from IBM for more than $50,000 worth of computer equipment for our schools

the formation of Dobbs Ferry School Foundation.

the timely creation of unofficial minutes of the meetings of the Board of Trustees, archived here:

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