... if current policies continue

The Mayor and Board hired a consultant to negotiate with the owner of 145 Palisades Street. Trustees were not updated during the negotiations. On October 22, the developer gave a multimedia presentation to the whole community at the Embassy Center. It was disclosed for the first time that the proposal included the exchange of some waterfront land for the Dept. of Public Works garage site on Cedar Street.

Allegra Dengler and her slate advocate alternatives to dense residential development in order to:

  • preserve and support current tenantsí businesses and jobs
  • minimize traffic congestion on clogged downtown streets, especially Cedar and Broadway
  • reduce residential density to prevent overcrowding of our schools
  • keep waterfront land on the tax rolls, e.g., canoe rental or restaurant
  • provide a permanent easement for enjoyment of the waterfront by residents

See also:
  1. "Dobbs tenants discuss possible relocation", by Kristen Nelson, Rivertowns Enterprise, Nov 1, 2002
  2. "Dobbs Ferry Eyesore to be razed", by Noreen Seebacher, Journal News, Feb 2, 2003