Downtown Revitalization

Here is a memo that Allegra Dengler took to the Chamber dinner on February 24th. She says,

"This was from a presentation that Vikki Jones and I went to 3 years ago. As you go down the list, you can see that there is a lot that hasn't been happening with the current Board. (Understatement.) If we are elected, there's plenty of work to do to help our downtown businesses!"

To: Chamber of Commerce Feb 24, 2003
From: Trustee Allegra Dengler 693-8023 allegrad @

I attended a session on "Revitalizing Your Downtown" at the New York Conference of Mayors. They handed out a checklist for municipal officials to consider what we as municipal officials could do to help our downtowns. This checklist is very helpful. Not all questions relate to Dobbs Ferry but most do. I support having the Village work with the Chamber to use this checklist to take action to help the downtown businesses.

A Leadership Checklist for Municipalities

Answer YES, NO or N/A (not applicable)

  1. Is your downtown market defined?
  2. Are your banks helpful in terms of providing market assistance/
  3. Do you have a revolving loan pool available?
  4. Do you hold events downtown in a manner such that merchants can make money/
  5. Do you celebrate your local history in the downtown?
  6. Is your downtown cleaner than the malls?
  7. Is your downtown more secure than the malls?
  8. Have you defined your downtown character?
  9. Are your preservationists on board?
  10. Do you know who handles owner/business disputes?
  11. Have you identified what is unique or special about your downtown?
  12. Does your zoning keep downtown compact?
  13. Are you planning on a 14-16 hour day?
  14. Do you meet with business owners?
  15. Is your media helping to reinforce downtown?
  16. Have you identified all grants that can help downtown?
  17. Do you have an ongoing visitation program?
  18. Are you pedestrian friendly?
  19. Is you TEA-21 plan helpful to merchants?
  20. Are you helping downtown to be free of attracting people causing problems?
  21. Are your downtown properties conforming with zoning?
  22. Are your properties conforming with ADA?
  23. Are your properties in conformity with river setbacks?
  24. Do you have flexible zoning powers?
  25. Does your zoning allow mixed uses?
  26. Does you zoning allow off-premise parking?
  27. Do you have a public service cleaning team in your community?
  28. Are you taking advantage of the assistance of local universities?
  29. Do you have the means to purchase a property, hold it and market it for the public good?
  30. Do your regulations allow appropriate noise, lighting, smells, street vendors?
  31. Do you place your tax collections in banks that help downtown? Are you integrating streams and rivers into your downtowns?
  32. Do you have cops walking the street?
  33. Does downtown have primacy in terms of snow cleanup?
  34. Do you have a downtown tree planting/maintenance program?
  35. Do you have an active downtown master plan?
  36. Do you have a "downtown leadership award" for the business that best exemplifies your community?
  37. When malls come, are you insisting on "off site" assistance to downtowns?
  38. Is your downtown lighting appropriate?
  39. Do you have design guidelines for downtown?