Letter #1 -
Presented to the Board of Trustees (June 25, 2002)

The following letter was submitted and read at the June 25th meeting of the Board of Trustees:

June 25, 2002

Dear Members of the Board of Trustees:

For reasons specified in the accompanying document, it would be a mistake for the Planning Board to waive a full Site Plan Review of the Virginia Avenue development project.

In the absence of a Site Plan Review, if the Board is to give the project its approval, it will be approving an open-ended subdivision proposal that does not provide enough information to the Village to show that the developer can comply, without requesting variances, with Two Family (TF) zoning requirements.

We therefore ask that the Board of Trustees write a letter to the Planning Board recommending that they conduct a full Site Plan Review in this case.

Since Virginia Avenue is predominantly comprised of One Family residences, and always has been - we also ask the Board of Trustees to declare a brief moratorium on building in the Virginia/Lefurgy area in order to conduct a study that will determine whether that area is more appropriately rezoned One Family as opposed to Two Family.


     [The Virginia Avenue resident's name and address,
      which appear on the original, are omitted on the website]

encl: information packet, including [1] and [2]

Nevertheless, the Board of Trustees chose in its June 25th meeting not to write a letter to the Planning Board recommending that it conduct a full Site Plan Review of the development on Virginia Avenue.

A letter similar to the one above, with a petition signed by 65 residents of the Virginia/Lefurgy area, was submitted to the Planning Board on the occasion of its June 27th meeting. [3]

Another letter [4] regarding the Virginia Avenue development project, submitted by another Virginia Avenue resident, was read to the Board of Trustees at its June 25th meeting and to the members of the Planning Board at their June 27th meeting. The letter suggested that a formal traffic safety study of the Virginia/Lefurgy area be completed. Complaints about traffic safety on Virginia Avenue predate the application for subdivision, and have resulted in the recent installation of 'speed bumps' on Virginia Avenue.

Unbeknowst at the time to the author of the letter, a child was indeed hit by a car near the corner of Virginia and Washington a few weeks earlier.